This is a four-part workshop (Saturdays):
-May 9: Hands-On Assists for Standing Asanas and Surya Namaskar (6:00-9:00pm)
-June 27 (Co-taught with Hari-kirtana from D.C.): Hands-On Assists for Forward Bends and Twists (6:00-9:00pm)
-July 11: Hands-On Assists for Backbends (6:00-9:00pm)
-August 1: Hands-On Assists for Balancing and Inversions (6:00-9:00pm)

Cost: $35 per workshop, $100 for series

Effective teachers use every available resource to convey the experience of yoga to their students. Hands-on assists are an immensely powerful way to deepen a student’s physical experience of a pose and focus their awareness on the present moment. Skillful, sensitive, and appropriate hands-on assists are one of the best ways for a yoga teacher to help a student find their deepest possible expression of a pose. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said, “Without touch, progress is very slow.” But many yoga teachers feel bewilderment and anxiety when it comes to giving hands-on adjustments. Jivamukti teachers are known throughout the world for their expertise at teaching through touch. In this series of workshops, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Jordanna Rock-Garden will offer an immersive experience that will break down the essentials of giving hands-on assists.

In each workshop we’ll cover:
- The 4 phases of an assist
- The difference between‘assisting’ and ‘correcting’.
- How to identify the type of assist that will be most beneficial to individual students
- How to ground yourself along with your student in order to offer assists that are safe for both of you
- How to use props as part of an assist
- Various assists for frequently-practiced poses
- How to link clear verbal cues to hands-on assists
- How to use your eyes and your voice while giving assists
- Things to avoid when you’re giving hands-on assists
- How to refine hands-on assists that you already offer
This workshop is open to teachers in training as well as teachers who have completed a Yoga Teacher Training program who want to strengthen and refine their assisting skills.

We’ll do a quick warm-up before we start giving and receiving assists.

To Register: Jivamukti Yoga Jersey City

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