Karmic Limitations: Understanding, Working with and Purifying Your Nature

Saturday, June 7

2-5:00 pm

Buddha B Yoga, Washington, DC

The most basic philosophical premise of yoga is that we are not our bodies and our minds, but spirit soul. However, each of us has been born into this lifetime with a particular personality, certain propensities, and a certain way of being in the world. So we may ask: “How did I end up this way?” and “What am I to do with this nature that I’ve been given?” Fortunately, the ancient yoga text, the Bhagavad Gita, gives us some practical advice on how to engage our nature in spiritualizing our life activities, through wisdom that has been applied in Indian culture for thousands of years.

This workshop will include chanting, scripture study, discussion and a full-spectrum asana practice.

To register: Buddha B Yoga

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