Purification for Liberation

Purification for Liberation: Yogic and Ayurvedic Cleansing Workshop

Sunday, May 17th, 1 PM – 4 PM

Yogawood, Collingswood, NJ

Through the process of purifying our bodies we can simultaneously filter out avidya, or spiritual ignorance. The path of yoga is a process of intense purification that provides us with many tools and techniques to purify both the physical and subtle bodies. The focus of this workshop will be on the Shat Karma Kriyas: Yogic and Ayurvedic cleansing practices that detoxify both our bodies and our consciousness. We’ll explore yoga wisdom texts that describe methods of purifying one’s consciousness and actions that accelerate our journey toward liberation, realization of the Self, and our connection to the Divine. In addition to an enlivening discussion, the practice will include mantra, kriya and asana. Handouts will be provided, but you may also wish to take notes.

No previous experience in Shat Karma Kriyas is necessary to attend this workshop. Open to All.


To register, visit the Yogawood site.

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